Some Achievements

Some achievements of the agency

Achievement of the agency

  • As at 2019, about 269 licences/grants have been issued by the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development to investors interested in solid minerals development in Oyo State.
  • Confirmation of Oyo State as a Solid Mineral producing State to benefit from 13% derivates.
  • Resuscitation of Pacesetter Quarry and Asphalt Plant, Ijaye, through PPP arrangement.
  • Resuscitating Nigerian Marble Mining Company, Igbeti by reconstituting its Board.
  • Intervention in inter-communal boundary dispute arising from mining activities with the Ministry of Lands, the Surveyor General’s Office and Security Department.
  • Preservation of Forest Reserve from miners incursion with the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Carried out geological and geophysical investigation to determine subsurface integrity of proposed 10,000 metric tonne silo at Awe, Oyo for Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Synergy with Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel (Zonal Mines Office) in tackling illegal mining activities and developing the mining industry in Oyo State.
  • Synergy with Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission to improve on fiscal allocation to Oyo State.
  • Collaboration with Nigerian Geological Survey Agency to update the mineral map of the state.
  • A joint investigation by the State and Federal Government for sourcing ecological and poverty alleviation fund from Federal Government.
  • A joint survey with Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (Environmental Compliance Department) on abandoned mining sites, in order to access funds for reclamation of sites.
  • Participating in solid minerals exhibition and conferences to showcase solid mineral potential of the State.
  • Engagement of Investors through collaboration with Oyo State Investment Promotion Agency (OYSIPA)
  • Dissemination of sound, relevant information and sensitization of investor (local and foreign) on solid minerals development in Oyo State.
  • Collaboration with BIR for revenue generation in the state such as, haulage fees on granite products, sand and gravel, petroleum products, cement and manufactured products, surface rent, ground rent among others.