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Suspect Land Tremor: Makinde Promise Security of Life and Properties

Security of Life and Properties is the primary tasks of the State Government.

Oyo State Governor Engr. Seyi Makinde said this through the Chairman of Oyo State Minerals Development Agency Mr. Abiodun Oni during his fact finding visit to Saki West Local Government Area of the State.

The Chairman stated that security of life’s and Properties is the first need in the State hierarchy of needs to this present administration. He said concern the suspected land tremor, the State Government has commence the Scientific research through the Siosmographic center located in Ilorin to monitor and know the causes of the suspected land tremor.

He maintained that up till now, no proof that what happened is a Tremor. After which he urged all the people living in the affected areas such as: Balako, Muslim, Medina, Orire, and Oregun residential area not to panic because no imminent sign of danger to the life of the people from the suspected land tremor.

In his own remarks, Mr. Andy Friese a German Geologist stated that the sound of the suspected land tremor is natural which has no risk on the life of the people. He then urged people not to develop phobia because of the occurrence.

The residents of the affected areas then appreciate the State Governor Engr. Seyi Makinde for embacking on different kinds of Infrastructure projects in their community. They made this know through one of the community leaders Alhaji AbdulGaniy OkeAran. He also appreciate the Governor for his prompt action towards the suspected land tremor.

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Oyo to Partner Relevant Stakeholders on Solid Minerals

As a way of increasing the State Resource Control and Economy Development, the Oyo State Minerals Development Agency has agreed to partner with relevant stakeholders in Mining Industry.

The Chairman of the Agency Mr. Abiodun Oni, disclosed this while addressing Journalists in his Office, Secretariat, Ibadan.

Mr. Abiodun Oni stated that prior to this time, the Agency has been having series of meeting with the relevant stakeholders on Solid Minerals to strategies ways to develop the Industry.

He maintain that the State is blessed with different kinds of Solid Minerals such as: Granites, Gold, Gemstone, Quarts, Cassiterite, Marble, Garnet, Tin-Ore, Monganite, Naobium, Agate, Topnz, Limestone, Tantalum among others.

The Chairman then condemned the lackadaisical attitude of some stakeholders for embacking on mining activities without legal right. He started further that the Agency would clampdown on any operators who fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the mining industry especially the illegal miners and all revenue defaulters.

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